In a previous blog post, we shared some ideas on how to have a date night without leaving home. In today’s blog and podcast, we want to help couples who are on a budget still find cool and creative ways to spend time together, without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the ideas we cover in the podcast:

  1. Make dinner by candlelight at home *
  2. Go for a walk, hike, or a bike ride
  3. Have grandma take the kids to her house and stay home.
  4. Do something you did when you were dating, like go out at 2am for a piece of pie.
  5. Game night – Twister*
  6. Take a bubble bath together*
  7. Netflix & Chill*
  8. Wine by the fire, or fire pit*
  9. Putt Putt Golf / Driving Range
  10. Community Theater
  11. Local school sporting event
  12. Local museums
  13. Tour a brewery / winery
  14. Work out together (rec center)
  15. Annual state park pass

What else can you think of? Share it in the comments below!