One of the biggest problems with long-term marriages, in our opinion, isn’t boredom or familiarity. It’s when you start growing apart. But how does that happen?

Sometimes, it’s a clash of ideals; things like faith, the desire for children, wanting different social circles or work-life experiences. Those should be investigated long before marriage, in our opinion.

But let’s face it – as we get older and have more experiences, we grow, adapt, and change. Our views become more nuanced (or more rigid). We find out years later that we don’t want the same things we wanted when we first got married.

Some change and growth is inevitable, but growing at different paces or in different directions can spell doom for your relationship.

In today’s podcast, Jeremy and Kari talk candidly about their own challenges with keeping their marriage intact as they each grew in different areas and at different paces.

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