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She Says | He Says: Feeling Unappreciated

February 25, 2019 | Q&A | No Comments

Question: “I often feel unappreciated by my spouse. What can I do to get them to take more notice and show more appreciation for me?”

Newlyweds may not believe there will ever come a day that you don’t adore and cherish your spouse like you do today. But it may happen as you get used to each other. Read on:


She Says | He Says: Having different interests

January 22, 2019 | Q&A | No Comments

Question: “Help! We’re engaged and have very different interests and hobbies. Is our marriage doomed?”

That’s a very good question! And while we both will chime in separately and give a “his and hers” flavor to the discussion, we both agreed that it is VERY important to have your own interests, and to encourage and celebrate those in each other. Read on: